how to draw a car in isometric point of view

Learn how to draw a car in isometric point of view in Adobe Illustrator and look at speed drawing of this tutorial. Isometric graphic design is not easy, for design a car in this perspective you need to think in 3D and work with guides (look here and learn work with guides) and sketches. Problem arises when you have to draw a rounded shapes.

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Drawing, painting, illustrations, graphic design

I’am drawing and painting artist from my childhood, and i can make everything in 2D in traditional and digital way. I’am very creative artist with great imagination, if you need somebody with original thinking and skills on master level, then you don’t need to look further.  List of what i can to do for you is below.

– Concept art for video games, animations, films, comic books, books
– Character design in 2D (also modeling 3D in Zbrush) for video games, animations, movies, comic books, books
Illustrations for children books, books, comic books, magazines
– Cover design for music bands, movies, books, video games
– T-shirt graphic design
Logo design
– Mural, graffiti design, i can paint on the wall
– Original digital drawing and painting

– Original ink drawing in A4, A3 format
– Original oil, acrylic painting in large format

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