About Me, Shox

Hello, Shox here, I am an artist from Poland (Europe) and i work in the range of visual and music category of art (Photography & Video in past). I make original art, drawings by pencil, pen, nib, ink and oil or acrylic paintings. Drawings in digital way on graphic tablet and creating computer graphic in 2D. I draw for my projects (Art, illustrations, comic books, comics, video games, animations) or i draw for other people in they projects if they hire me. I make original music compositions for my projects, movies, animations, video games in classical, intrumental, electronic, techno, trance, rock, metal, jazz or even experimental genre.

Hello my friend! Check this 2D artist & music composer profile. Greetings!

You can see my selected works for global audience in english here on main page or in “works” category on this website but also on Instagram (Sketches, drawings, paintings, illustrations, comic books, comics, gamedev, photographies, videos, music) and YouTube (Original music compositions, songs, ost, speed drawings, speed paintings, tutorials), Twitter.

For a recent informations about me and my works always check all these places. Greetings.

Below a few traditional ink drawings with a different shading techniques i draw last years.

Below a few concept art digital paintings in isometric view and in normal view.

Below a few concept art digital ink sketches.

Below a few 3D graphics.

Below a few 3D animations.

Take a while and listen this original music composition from me.

Random electronic trance music composition produced two years ago for training by me. Royalty free videos taken from the web.