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About me, what I do, my art, artworks

Hello, Shox here, i’am an artist from Poland and i work in the range of visual (2D, 3D, Photo, Video) and music (Writing, Playing) category of art. I make original traditional and digital drawings, paintings, illustrations, 2D and 3D computer graphics in many styles and techniques. Black and white art, nude, portrait, street, journalism, documentary photographies as photographer and photojournalist. Art, music, story and documentary videos as videographer. Original music score compositions in classical, instrumental, electronic, techno, trance, dance, pop, rock, metal or jazz genre with piano, synthesizers and other instruments. You can see my selected works for global audience here on main page or in “projects” category on this website but also on Instagram, and youtube. For a recent informations about me and my works always check all these places. Greetings.

At the outset, I would like to write that I have several passions, interests and hobbies that I try to practice despite the difficulties of everyday life. The first of these passions is visual art, the second is music, the rest remain in the minority. The visual arts I deal with are traditional and digital drawing, 2D / 3D computer graphics and traditional painting. The subject of my works is our life, people, problems that they encounter and which they have to deal with, emotions that suppress or drive them, fantasy that they long for, sci-fi that can be brutal and soulless technology, horror, drama, all kinds of stories, sometimes trivial, and sometimes touching very difficult psychological topics. In the case of painting, there is also abstraction and surrealism, styles in which you can put everything and nothing. There are really many topics that are worth discussing in artistic work, the question of a difficult choice. You can also not get involved in anything and treat artistic activity as a medium to solve the world’s problems and just create something that looks nice, which is also art. I mainly draw characters, people, portraits, nudes, this is what I specialize in. Inanimate things, architecture, technology, and nature are relegated to the background or background in my works.

Legal info, copyright, license

All works / projects available on the website are made by me entirely from scratch, unless I indicate otherwise and indicate the authors / co-authors of the work. The works may not be used anywhere without my consent with one exception (This applies to my works and projects, not movies published on YouTube), I allow the publication of works and parts of texts in the form of quotes by journalists in the media, on websites, blogs, etc. You can write about my work, show a drawing, some text, sign the author and link to the website. The works I put on YouTube can be freely placed on other websites in the form of a share movie, they cannot be downloaded to the disk and uploaded to other channels. For example, when he publishes a character pack for a fantasy computer game, it is logical that you cannot use my characters in your project without my permission, etc. If you want to use any of the works presented on this website in original or modified form please contact me.

Traditional drawing, drawings, sketch, sketches, sketchbook, inking

I use pencil when I sketch and only then, I try not to make larger drawings with a pencil because it is a waste of time for me, but I understand that sometimes you need to use a pencil to get a specific effect, which I have practiced more than once. The drawing is done with a gel pen size 0.5 and 0.7, sometimes with a regular pen. I also use classic nibs, mainly a pen and Chinese or Indian black ink, sometimes colored drawing inks and drawing fineliners, mainly in size 0.3.

These are my three main drawing tools, a gel pen, a pen and ink and a drawing pen, you can see the effects on the website and on my Instagram profile. In the case of using ink and paints, the set of tools includes brushes and a brush pen. I sometimes use markers for coloring, but it’s too expensive an option, although very cool.

I sketch in small sketchbooks, more serious works are made on larger A4 or A3 paper, mainly cheaper paper from a technical block with a large grammage which works great in my applications, excluding the use of water, here you have to use appropriate papers for watercolors. So far, that’s all about traditional drawing from me.

Digital drawing, drawings, vector graphics, line art, pixel art, illustrations, posters, prints for sale

All is this created on my budget personal computer with a cheap graphic tablet connected to it, I also use cheap or free software except Adobe when I seriously need it. The effects you can see here and this is just only the beginning because I have recently returned to digital drawing after a few years of break in this medium.

I use personal computer in 2D work on many planes in art. I make sketches, drawings, shades, colors, sometimes I paint, and in every day job i make typical graphic designer works for web and print.

I am writing this to make you aware that to make a good digital drawing you do not need a graphic tablet for 400 – 2000 USD like Wacom :), and you only need one for 150 USD like XP-Pen and you do not need Adobe software, you only need free Krita, GIMP or much cheaper than Photoshop commercial software like Affinity, Clip Studio Paint etc. Simply master of youre technique and creativity before you spend a few thousand of dollars on your gear.

Traditional painting, oil, acrylic paintings for sale

I make paintings on canvas or boards, and the paints I use are acrylic and oil paints applied with brushes or spatulas, below you can see the use of spatulas on the canvas. At the moment, I do not paint because I do not have a suitable room for it and money for paints, the paintings are expensive to produce and that’s it, even if the clients were… I do not paint the reproductions, only original works on the subject I wrote above.

In the future, I plan to paint only large-format pictures and attach an airbrush to my painting tools. I dream of painting a bit like Giger style, but I have also developed a new style especially for this device.

Comic book, comic books, comics

I don’t draw comics at all, but I plan to start drawing short free stories that I will publish on the website in Polish and English. I like reading comics a lot, but I never have the opportunity to start writing them seriously. I have a dozen or so plans for a good comic book album, but I will start drawing them only when it comes into my blood, or I want to do it, not earlier. Therefore, what I have already written, I want to start with short stories.

For such short comics, I can collaborate with someone from the outside and therefore I am looking for someone to help with writing the main story, dialogues, even someone to apply colors. Then I could only take care of the drawing and leave the rest to others. If you are an author, writer, screenwriter or you deal with coloring (I always apply black ink myself) and you are looking for a comic book artist, write to me, maybe we can create something together. I would like to point out that these are short novellas, unless there is an extra idea for something longer. As for the technical issues, I draw in many styles, so there is a high probability that I will match the line to the project in a good way. In the case of free cooperation, they prefer simpler drawings or detailed drawings, but with less boards to draw. I don’t want to spend a lot of time on something that doesn’t sell, and we all know comics don’t sell, so when collaborating, keep what I wrote in mind.

I would also like to make a guest cover for a comic or a few pages inside the album for free.

3D graphics, animations, sculpts

I do simple 3D graphics showing characters and more, and short 3D animations with characters and more. The works are created for the needs of my own projects, utility graphics, illustrations, posters, for films and animations, games or music videos.

Music production, compositions, original scores, sound design

I write original music scores in several music genres that i like, feel and listen almost every day. This is classical music with piano and other keyboard instruments like organ, and violin etc. Electronic music, techno, and trance, house or even dance with all the instruments, mainly synthesizers. Pop, rock and metal music with piano, synthesizers, electric guitars. Jazz. Background music. Experimental music.

Game production, gamedev, concept art

In the case of game development, all of this is in the planning phase for now, if something of this comes into being, it’s okay, if not so too. At the moment, I have a dozen ideas for worlds in which you can embed a game, comic, animation or even a movie. I design in such a way that it is possible to implement it for the needs of various forms of communication. I will not do it myself (It’s about the game) so unless there are people (mainly programmers) who will help me, these projects will never be decided, and to tell the truth I don’t even want to start them yet, so I leave it. I can help you with your project and do something with graphics or music.

2D animations

As a practice or for my projects (Gamedev, clips) I make short and easy-to-do animations, for now in Pixel Art but maybe something hand-drawn in the future. I do not deal with it on a daily basis and I will not do it because I am not and never wanted to be an animator due to the fact that being an animator is a difficult and tedious job, but I really like all kinds of 2D animations, anime, but I don’t like American fairy tales like Superman: Red Son, where the lines of these films, as well as the animation itself, is terrible.

Digital painting

I write only for my own projects, comic books, and lyrics.

Writing texts

I write only for my own projects, comic books, and lyrics.

Photograpy, photographs, pictures

I shoot photos only for my projects and at the special request of friends or on a special request of the client.

I love black and white photography from almost every category. The gear doesn’t matter for me, i was taking photos with smartphones, analog cameras and digital cameras from 100 – 5000 USD range. The most important factor in photography is your eye skills, technique, idea, knowledge and patience to catch important moment. I know it’s better to have a good camera than bad but it’s better to have any camera that don’t have a camera with yourself, right mates?

Filming, videography, movies

I film only for my projects and at the special request of friends or on a special request of the client.