Original paintings for sale by me. Paintings for the living room, bedroom, kitchen, hall, corridor, to hang on the wall of a house, apartment or company office. Oil and acrylic painting on canvas and board, medium and large formats. Abstraction, surrealism, realism, classicism, people, portraits, fantasy and serious realistic topics.

Currently there is nothing here but soon I will start working on the first paintings for sale. The prices that I will set will be rather low, from several hundred or several thousand zlotys per painting, depending on its size and paints used. I will not sell my paintings to the first better customer who visits my art gallery and adds them to their cart.

Each painting will be visible here for some time and everyone will be able to make an offer to purchase it, only the one who decides to pay the most will receive the painting. I will conduct such a pseudo-bidding until I am satisfied with the price.

For example, I will put up a painting for PLN 1000, if after a month several customers submit an offer for PLN 1000 for it, and then another one comes and I offer PLN 2000, I will sell the painting to this gentleman or lady. If I offer 1000 PLN each, I will draw a customer, and if there are no offers at all, I will leave the painting for myself or give it to a friend, or I will donate to charity or to the Museum of Art.

Oil and acrylic paintings for sale