ShoxTraditional and digital drawing and painting 2D/3D artist (I’am also a graphic designer for web and print). Music composer, keyboardist and singer. Videographer, director and cameraman. Photographer, photojournalist and game journalist in past.

Bio: Born in eighties in Poland. Started draw and paint as a child, make music later in high school, shoot photos and videos too. I played a lot of video games in my life, started from Arcade Machines and Atari/Commodore/Amiga in 80/90′, then play on PSX, PS2, PS3, PS4, Dreamcast, Xbox One, N64, Gamecube, Wii, Wii U and of course PC, now i play sometimes on my mobile phone. The last game i finished it Witcher 3 on PC. I like Manga & Anime, my best series is HunterXHunter, Dragon Ball, Bleach and Studio Ghibli movies. Last favorite Anime is JoJo Stardust Crusaders, Atack On Titan (Shingeki No Kyojin). When i was a young i read a lot of comic books from Marvel and DC like X-Men, Superman, Batman, Spawn, and i think, then i decided to draw (favorite comic book artist is Jim Lee). I don’t have any success in art yet because i lost a lot of time working as physical labourer, and in graphic design (for print and web), web building and photography. Now i change my priority and thinking. My true love is compose music, drawing and painting and i need to do everything to make music for people, games, movies, create concept arts, characters, worlds for games, animations, comics, illustration for books etc. Finally my goal is to be the best in this what i’am doing, i do not accept to be out of the podium. This is simple, your’e a winner or your’e a loser. Hard work ahead of us all!

Skills: Traditional drawing by pencil, ink fineliner, pen nib with ink on paper. Traditional painting by watercolor, acrylic and oil on paper, canvas, wall (Mural). Digital drawing in Adobe Illustrator. Digital painting in Adobe Photoshop or GIMP. 3D character modeling in Zbrush. Graphic design in Illustrator and Photoshop for web and print (Logo, poster, flyer, webtemplate, banner, bilboard etc.). Website design based on WordPress or HTML. Film edit in Adobe Premiere Pro or Sony Vegas. Playing on piano or synthesizer. Sing, Music production in Cubase, Wavelab. Theory of visual art and music. Composition, form, perspective, lighting, shading, coloring, human anathomy, design, keen on details, work with defferent styles from cartoon, manga to realistic, good eye. All theory about photography, filmmaking. Creating high quality game concept art in many styles and themes.

Graphic, video, music software knowledge:

Any type of software for digital drawing and painting, for raster graphic, vector graphic, photo editing, music composing, video editing.

Language for web design knowledge:

Web design languages like HTML 5 and CSS 3, and CMS WordPress.

Hardware knowledge:

Any type of cameras for photography or shooting video (Nikon, Canon, Sony), lighting and stabilization accessories (Flycam, Steadicam). Traditional and electronic instruments for music recording like pianos or electric pianos, synthesizers, samplers. Mixers, microphones, dictaphones. Computers, printers, graphic tablets, scanners.

Languages: English, Polish.