All works/projects available on the website are made by me entirely from scratch, unless I indicate otherwise and indicate the authors/co-authors of the work. The works may not be used anywhere without my consent with one exception (This applies to my works and projects, not tutorials), I authorize the posting of works and some texts in the form of quotes by journalists in the media, on websites, blogs, etc. You can write about my show a drawing, part of the text, signing who is the author and linking to the website. The works that I put on YouTube can be freely placed on other websites in the form of a share movie, they cannot be downloaded to the disc and uploaded to channels other than mine. For example, when he publishes a character pack for a fantasy computer game, it is logical that you cannot use my characters in your project without my permission, etc. If you want to use any of the works presented on this website in original or modified form please contact me via the contact form in the contact tab.

Currently, I am starting work on two original projects of my authorship, a comic and an independent computer game for PCs with Windows 10, I will inform you about the details of the projects on a regular basis in the relevant entries below or on the blog:

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