Video game

A computer game for PC by me.

Commercial project.

Temporary project page for my game, I will post the relevant preliminary information about the project here at a later date. Visible graphics are not related to the design.

The game will be set in the same world as my comic, but it will not be based on its main storyline but one of the side topics. The genre of the game is probably a 2D platformer / shooter made in Pixel Art, let’s say something like Dead Cells in terms of its looks. The game will be based on jumping, shooting, small RPG elements, fighting with opponents of various types, interesting and difficult bosses. The character will have a large map at his disposal where he will be able to move in all directions, not only to the right or not only up, but will have to, for example, return with the key to open the previously locked door. That’s all the information at the beginning and one more thing, first I’m working on the foundations for the comic and only then I will put in this game world.

The people I need to work on the project are definitely a Unity programmer, because a game will be created on this engine. The project is commercial but low-budget 🙂 so the money issues are negotiable, before, after, profit sharing etc. The programmer must live in Wrocław or be in it from time to time so that you can talk to each other normally.

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