Comic book

A comic book by me.

Commercial project.

Temporary project page of my comic book, at a later date I will put here relevant, introductory information about the project, actually I already wrote a few of them. Visible graphics are not related to the design.

I have ideas for a few comics, for several series that are aimed at older and younger readers, but for the first project I will choose something more serious and universal. The comic will take place in our world in, say, several dozen years, there will be action, sci-fi elements, perhaps fantasy, the matters about which he will treat will be as real and serious as possible, let’s be honest, it will be a slight dystopia, its plot will certainly be interesting most of you. I will draw the comic in my style, as shown in the attached graphics, which is realistic but also not exaggerating because there is no time for it, it will resemble comics from the east rather than the west, shading with only black without much hatching as if in the style of Frank Miller, although he is too much it simplifies and I like to add some lines and details, it will definitely be black and white, but there will also be a few initial pages in color as they use it in the manga, there will also be a cover in color. The comic itself will not suffer from it because, as a rule, the dystopian world does not have a lot of colors. I will draw on a computer because it will save me time, it will not look as great as traditionally drawn, but let’s be honest that the effect of drawing on a computer is not so bad, most artists already use it. I plan to close the story in one album, several hundred pages long, but it will come out in the wash, because if the effect exceeds expectations, I will leave room for a continuation because the topic I will discuss is a river, I will create a whole world with room for many threads. I have a problem with the format, I don’t know what format to draw it in, A4, A5, A6? I will probably get to that over time. For now, I am at the pre-production stage and I have a list of ideas in my notebook.

When will the comic be finished from the date the drawing started and not from the date of this post? Assuming that I will be drawing one page or two pages a day, it will take a year, I don’t know if it’s long for a several hundred-page album? Should I draw such an album faster? As you can see, there are a lot of things I need to get to know before drawing.

My second project, which I will run in parallel to this, will be a computer game set in the world of this comic book, but with a side plot, not the main one. Details about the game in another entry.

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