How to design a flyer, leaflet in photoshop

Learn how to design flyer, leaflet in photoshop like a proffesional graphic designer. Today i show how you can do it.

First of all, you need to think what you want to do before you start design. When you get the order from your client and this client send you all the information about flyer like, (most important is) size (A6, A4 etc.), text, colors, styles etc. And you know almost everything about his business, you need to choose style. When you make a leaflet for a modern bank, be minimalist, when you make something for a bank with history, be old-fashioned, you can do it in traditional way and use more details, gold serif fonts etc. If you make flyer for retro video games shop, off course, you use retro style with 8-bit fonts :). This is the first level when you must think about flyer and customers of your client business. You have to hit them with message.

Second level of design is making this in photoshop and look how to do this. For this tutorial i choose making flyer for a modern bank. Let’s start.

1. Let’s make a flyer in A6 size (105×148 mm). Yout flyer need to have a place for cut because professional printing house require this, just add 3 mm from each side (sometimes 2 mm is enough). Make new document (CTRL + N), width – 111 mm, height – 154 mm, resolution – 300 px/inch, color mode – CMYK 8-Bit, background – white.


2. Add new guide on each side. First pack of guides is for separate your place to cut from your real size of this flyer (4 guides). Second pack of guides is for safe, sometimes printing house cut your flyer too much from each sides and you need to be sure they don’t cut important informations. IMO 6 mm from each side is enough.

Before, click CTRL + R, click on ruler Right Mouse Button and change to milimeters.

View – New Guide and choose horizontal 3 mm, next repeat and choose 9 mm, next 151 mm, next 145 mm. Then repeat and change to vertical 3 mm, next choose 9 mm, next 108 mm and next 102 mm.

You template is done, save it for later, File – Save As and choose *PSD format.



3. Ok, we get to work. Throw text, informations, logos, graphic to the template. Just open new files (CTRL + O) and drag to this flyer window as another layers. I have this, logo and photo. Now remember for all life, good freelance designer must be creative and must be copywriter, because if you don’t receive all informations from your client, then you need to create this by yoursefl! Sad, but this is true life. You need to be good in everything…


4. No i have a bank logo and photo. My client is this bank and he send me only logo. I download this photo from internet (it’s free for commercial use, you need to pay attention about it, don’t steal if photo is protected by law, license etc.). If you can’t find something for free you need to ask your client to buy photo or image from stock. I don’t have a text, i have to do it yourself. I came up with this idea, slogan: “Sleep well, your money are safe in our bank” – yeah! Really good! Slogan fits the picture. Click text tool and add your text.


5. Now you need to arrange composition of this (learn about golden ratio rules and use this in your works, and learn about color composition rules too, and meaning of colors). In this example I rotate this photo and did a little color correction (Curves CTRL + M to make this photo more green and blue), move slogan down and leave logo on the left side. Style of this leaflet is minimalism, i use squares, hard edges, green colors (green color means peace), and modern sans serif font. I added a little gradient on right top corner under the text.


It’s done. We have a photo, slogan, logo and all information that customer need to know. Now you have to do is Layer – Flatten Image and File – Save As, save this as *TIFF. Your file is ready to send it to printing house or your cilent.

Feel free to ask me anything about this design in comments below.

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