Below is a list of artistic services that I can consider to make this for you in my free time.

Visual services are paid in advance, prices are negotiable.

  • Traditional or digital drawing on request
  • Traditional or digital painting on request
  • Illustration for book on request
  • Cover design for book on request
  • Concept Art for games, animations, tv series, films
  • Comic book, comics on request
  • Photos on request
  • Film on request

All visual works, drawings, illustrations, images can be made in the traditional way on paper or other basis and then delivered in original or scanned and delivered via the Internet. Or digitally made and drawn, painted from scratch on a computer and then delivered online.

Visual works can be used as normal drawings to hang on a wall or put on a desk, illustrations for books or printouts in the form of a poster, book covers or a CD with music, concept art or storyboard in the production of games, animations, series and movies. Comics wherever it is needed. These are just a few examples of the use of visual arts in everyday life.

Music services are paid in advance, prices are negotiable.

  • Original music made to order for a game, animation, series, film, commercial, or other commercial and non-commercial project
  • Original music on request for a band or performer

In the case of music production, the prices may increase by the labor costs of people additionally employed in the project (eg session musician, singer, choir, etc.).

I write music in genres such as pop, rock, metal, techno, electronic, dance, trance, house, classical, instrumental, relaxing, background music, with or without vocals, with or without lyrics.

Some examples of music:

Thank you for your attention and feel free to contact me.