Artificial Intelligence Art, Ai Art, photos of dancing women

Photorealistic images of dancing women, generated with Artificial Intelligence, Ai software Midjourney v4 help. With the help of AI, a job that was created in a week, now is created in a few minute. Terrifying, but i still testing this new tool.

Overal quality of this images are very good. When you watch them from a distance you think, this is a real photo, imperfections can be seen up close. I wanted here to generate a two dancing woman in city centre, on the skyscrapper roof, and insinde a gothic church. Also i wanted to create them wearing a gas mask and leather dress or something like that (dresses quality are perfect). I’m not happy about gas mask, they look weird… When i wanted to create without masks, Midjourney had problem with generate faces. And arms or legs.

Below you can see a few mistakes with creating two dancing woman by Artificial Intelligence. This first two images looks like creepy cool sculptures, but i don’t wanted to get that results.

What do you think about Artificial Intelligence in art world? Is it a help or a threat to artists? Let me know in the comments below.

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