Artificial Intelligence Art, Ai Art of robot mech mechwarrior

Photorealistic images of robot, mech, mechwarrior generated with Artificial Intelligence, Ai software Midjourney v4 help. Maked in 3d computer graphics, futuristic style with high detailing and natural lighting. With the help of AI, a job that was created in a week, now is created in a few minute. Terrifying, but i still testing this new tool.

Midjourney v4 (recent version) is trully photorealistic compare to previous v3. From this moment all graphics here on my site, will be generated by v4.

Below you can see a pack of mechs. Firts one look very realistic, second one, like a normal 3d model created in Blender with two source of artificiall light. I wanted to created mech walking in war environment like woods and burning cities (burning wood looks great). I wanted to generate a few soldiers around them but i don’t get soldiers! There’s no human soldiers here, Why? Soft don’t uderstand me. I’m not happy about overall desing of this robots, i wanted to look them similiar to humans with fancy shapes but i got this simple boring concept, almost all the same. The last ones here are robots mixed with some creepy stuff. If you want good results, mix topics and styles, maybe you get a good results.

And something went wrong here… I wanted to created some robot, mech stuff mixed with Metal Gear Solid machines but…

What do you think about Artificial Intelligence in art world? Is it a help or a threat to artists? Let me know in the comments below.

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