Artificial Intelligence Art, Ai Art of Red Hair Girl in 3D graphics style

Concept art of Red Hair Girl with Artificial Intelligence, Ai software Midjourney help. Maked in 3d graphics, futiristic style. With the help of AI, a job that was created in a week, now is created in a few minute. Terrifying, but i still testing this new tool.

Below you see a portrait of a girl, all the images looks great, especially her stylized on many ways red hair. I want Midjourney to make this graphics in 3D but for me it’s look like very good photorealistic Digital Painting.

Next, i make a full body Red Hair Girl with Wings on her back. In this concept Midjourney was wrong in firsts concepts and maked this girl with wings, but without arms! Maybe i forgot to write it down in Midjourney to make “Girl with Red Hair and Wings on her back, and, Two Arms!”. For human it’s obvious that woman have two arms, for “Ai” not, not yet.

So, my last concept in this topic was, Fyll Body of Red Hair Woman and White Horse on the Beach in 3D. This look cool, very fantasy.

What do you think about Artificial Intelligence in art world? Is it a help or a threat to artists? Let me know in the comments below.

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